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Madeline 'Mads' Derby

Founder & Head Mental Performance Consultant

Madeline Derby (she/her) is a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) who holds a Masters degree in Exercise & Sport Science with a concentration in Sport Psychology. Her mission is to coach athletes and high performers through mental skills training to improve their performance and reach their goals. Through strategic and evidence-based programming, Mads helps athletes...

  1. create their edge and develop the advantage that makes them mentally stronger;

   2. learn how to respond instead of react; and,

   3. get out of their heads so they can play confidently

       and focus when it matters the most. 

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My Journey

I'm passionate about sports, getting outside, and mental health. I began playing field hockey at the age of 6 that lead to an offer in athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, when I was 17, I was diagnosed with a neurological illness and had to start my athletic career over. Unable to play field hockey, I turned to my second passion - getting outside - and what started out as hiking to stay mobile turned into amateur mountaineering. I have made several summits but the one I'm most proud of was at 20,305' (6,189m) in Nepal on the training peak for Mt. Everest. I hope to spend another season mountaineering, but I have enjoyed climbing and trekking in the Southwestern United States, Africa, and hiking around my new home - Canada. My experience with a career ending illness makes me attuned to the difficulties many athletes face when they become injured or transition into new stages of their sporting career (planned or unplanned). It was through my own experiences as an athlete, and my education and training in sport psychology, that makes me a consultant that truly understands the importance of the mental game, how to develop and train resiliency rooted in evidence-based practices, and what it means to reach your own summits in life.  

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