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Just for Coaches

Status: Accepting Clients On Hold

What you can expect:

  • 1:1 or group sessions conducted virtually through zoom

    • in-person observation available* to evaluate interpersonal effectiveness​ and provide performance analysis

    • Session Length:  60 minutes - 90 minutes depending on needs

  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly consultation

  • Evidenced-based and results-driven training for you or your staff's leadership development

  • Sessions on championship culture, 'form to perform' group development, team dynamics and captaincy, leadership styles and coaching philosophy, effective communication, and much more

  • Applied sport psychology resources such as handouts, reflective prompts, and worksheet

After you apply, we'll get in touch with you to schedule an initial 25-minute call and connect. During this time we get to know other another and go over the details of mental performance consulting and what you're looking for. From here you'll fill out an intake form that will address your team's recent athletic history and well as your coaching history, if there are any presenting problems, and what your coaching goals are for the season in order for us to design the programming for needs. 

Sessions will be booked ahead of time and the point of contact will receive an overview of the scheduled programming (dates/times, expected lessons and training...) as well as a google calendar reminder 48 hours prior to any session or event. Sessions will meet you where you're at with your goals in mind to progress you through tangible actions to take to develop and strengthen your command of the team. Previous sessions influence where we go so make sure to show up to session having done the work and ready to keep at it. Mental skills are for coaches too and championship culture starts with you. Get the most out of your team by getting the most out of yourself.

*In-person observation or group workshops available only locally at this time. 

Image by Jeffrey F Lin

Ideal For:

1. Coaches who want to leave behind a legacy.  

2. Coaches who understand their impact and want to maximize their effectiveness through communication, leadership, and team management. 

3. Coaches navigating tricky team dynamics and want to better the athlete's relationships to one another while striving for high goal achievement.  

Let's Work Together

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