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Team Performance

Status: Accepting Clients On Hold

Work with us pre-season, in-season, or year round to train your entire team in strategic mental skills to improve upon individual performance as well as team dynamics and team culture. As a coach you already train the technical, tactical, and physical... bring us on to handle the mental. 

What you can expect:

  • Group sessions facilitated in-person, virtually through zoom, or asynchronously online (pre-recorded)

    • Session Length:  45 minutes - 90 minutes depending on needs

  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly consultation

  • Evidenced-based and results-driven training for the mental game

  • Sessions on mindset and resiliency, arousal control, leadership, commitment & motivation, and much more

  • Applied sport psychology resources such as handouts, journal prompts, guided imagery or mindfulness scripts, and worksheet

After you apply, we'll get in touch with you to schedule an initial 25-minute call and connect. During this time we get to know other another and go over the details of mental performance consulting and what you're looking for. From here you'll fill out an intake form that will address your team's recent athletic history, if there are any presenting problems, and what your performance goals are for the year/ season or clinic/ camp in order for us to design the programming for needs. 

Sessions will be booked ahead of time and the point of contact will receive an overview of the scheduled programming (dates/times, expected lessons and training...) as well as a google calendar reminder 48 hours prior to any session or event. Sessions will meet your athletes where they are at with your goals in mind to progress them through tangible actions to develop and strengthen their mental game and team dynamics. Mental skills training works if they put in the work so be sure to provide adequate time and encouragement for mental practice. 


  • Athletes must be ages 13+ 

    • Ages 12 and below may be taken case by case.

  • Athletic Directors, Program/ Academy Directors, Head Coaches, Coordinators or Team Manages, and Business Owners may apply on team's or group's behalf

  • Sessions are currently held over Zoom unless local (with Covid-19 considerations). Read our FAQs here

Image by Gene Gallin

Ideal For:

1. Teams in pursuit of championship culture, wanting to break through to that next level.

2. Teams transitioning through changes. Maybe it's a new coaching staff or a large senior class recently graduated. Maybe it's a desire to shift culture and leadership on the team or to meet the demands of a new conference.

3. Teams stuck in the 'storming' phase. 

Let's Work Together

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