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What clients have to say about working with Inside Rival:

*If you're a past client interested in writing a testimonial, please reach out today! Your review can remain anonymous, no photo required. 

Allie White, Professional Golfer

"I started working with Mads mid golf season because I could feel tension and fear negatively affecting my golf game. I was hoping Mads could help me rekindle the joy playing golf brings me and also improve my performance so that I could give my very best to graduating from the developmental tour to the LPGA golf tour. During my time consulting with Mads, I was super impressed with multiple aspects about the work she does. She is amazing on fundamentals, but also carries a depth of knowledge on cutting edge research related to performance. She really invests in your health, makes things easy to understand, and she is also super professional and thorough in her consulting work. I will most certainly be checking in again with her from time to time in the future to continue my journey for top level performance and joy!"

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E. E., Assistant Basketball Coach (DIII)

"Over the past few seasons, I have had the opportunity to work with Mads within a team atmosphere and on an individual level. Her strategies and coaching helped us develop a process driven focus through the ups and downs of season that ultimately lead us to playoffs. Mads', with her knowledge, passion, and straight-forward attitude, has proven to be someone on the staff we didn't know we needed. The guys responded well to her and our team's leadership culture is better off."

Image by Chris Moore

L.T., Varsity Field Hockey

"Mads has helped me learn what's inside my control, how to bring my focus back to that, and manage my game time nerves. She taught me how to play my best through pressure or regardless of the circumstances. Being able to play the way I want has been freeing."

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